We've both rededicated and reminded ourselves of how important it is to complete each other. One evening while doing homework, my wife commented "you don't know what you are missing". The rippling effect of that statement shook me. I have a major responsibility as a husband, father, Christian and friend.

This weekend reminded me that I don't want to "miss" anything!

Married 16 years

Occupation: Insurance Agent

We made love for the first time in 9 years. I thought he was rejecting me but I found out it was his insecurities not because of me or his supposed rejection of me, which was how I took it for all these years.

Married 10 years

Occupation: Registered Nurse

The conference lit a fire under my butt to be a better man of God, Husband and Father. It has helped me to recommit to my wife and marriage.

Married 9 years

Occupation: USAF Pilot/ROTC

I was in tears at the discussion my husband and I had at lunch and I was ready to give up on the conference. We were told that it is alright to have conflict, and even though I didn't want to come back, I'm glad I did. We ended up having a great evening. I enjoyed my husband and the evening because of this weekend conference! Each speaker was great!

Married 3 years

Occupation: Prison Ministry Teacher/Singer

Life changing! Our marriage was over!

Married 6 years

Occupation: Truck Driver

During the conference, my wife pulled away. It hurt our marriage. I believe, though, that this pain will result in long term growth.

Married 1 year

Occupation: Full Time Student in Christian Studies

Six months ago I was ready to give up and leave after 20 years of marriage. This weekend has given me the extra tools I needed to help me continue to learn to love and value my wife and the motivation to be the husband and Dad God wants me to be.

Married 20 years

Occupation: not stated

I think it may have saved our marriage. The conference showed me how to be a better husband and how to better support my wife.

Married 2 years

Occupation: Retired

I came looking to fix him or motivate him to lead our family. I realized how I don't encourage or respect him and how I need to change my attitude.

Married: 12 years

Occupation: Home School Mom

I came in hopeless and isolated. I left with tremendous hope and desire and with a huge smile in my heart. I'm encouraged in my walk with God, marriage and parenting. Thank you.

Married 17 years

Occupation: Physical Therapist

When I walked into the hotel on Friday night there was an incredible feeling of peace and love that was overwhelming - I just felt God everywhere and knew all was well!! This conference has given me hope, understanding and love!

Married 22 years

Occupation: Wife/Mother

We had divorce papers and lawyers, now we have recommitted ourselves to each other and will work together for oneness. The divorce is off! Business Owner Married 9 years

The weekend helped me to reconnect and recommit to my husband. I was ready for divorce. Now I’m ready for Legacy! Homemaker Married 5 years

Extremely positive for both of us. Hearts and minds wide open! We had a great marriage when we came but now……..WOW! We loved it. Wife Married 11 years

This is our fourth conference and I look at them as divorce insurance to divorce proof our marriage. Husband Married 13 years

Realizing that my husband is a gift. I am not showing him, or our children that right now. With the Holy Spirit’s help, I will change. A breath and refill of oxygen to the drowning. Married 5 years

The highlight of the weekend was having my wife open up her needs that I knew nothing about, even after 36 years of marriage. We are having more intimate conversations. Things we took for granted and did not talk about, now we are.

Just before the final session (after the separate men’s and women’s sessions) my husband asked if he could pray for me – he had been empowered to take his husbandry of me to a new level. We are more of a team than ever before, and are ready to receive each other as God’s gift. Married 9 years

Having some of the best sex with my wife I’ve had since our honeymoon. Obviously the conversations we have had, commitments we’ve made to one another, and confessions we’ve shared with each other were super, but the sex was a stamp of approval on everything for me. This conference gave us an opportunity to be together apart from our kids with nothing to do but focus on each other and fall more deeply in love with each other for 44 hours straight.

Husband Married 9 years

We prayed “together” for the first time after being married for 16 years.

Wife Married 17 years

This was the first time in over 20 years that we have taken time to get away without kids. What a greate opportunity to reconnect with my soul-mate and best friend! My wife and I have been married almost 24 years. We are both great servant leaders – great at serving others. But … lousy at making our own relationship a priority. This conference has helped us to prioritize our marriage so we can be more helpful to others!

This conference has changed our lives and saved our marriage of 17 years. God met us right here where we were and has helped us prioritize each other with our focus on Him being at “THE CENTER”. We have hope! Thank you.

Married 17 years

We had focused attention to talk about different subject matter. We were invited about 10 years ago and never should have waited this long to attend.

Married 31 years

The highlight of the weekend for me was the light, comfortable, relaxed feel of learning how to be a Godly husband. It allowed me insight of what marriage takes. This was absolutely amazing! I would recommend to any married or pre-married couple.


Helped us work through some deep issues that have required discussion for a long time. It was significant for us to stay at the hotel without our kids to completely separate from our normal lives and focus entirely on each other and our marriage.

Married 9 years

This was my last ditch effort to save our marriage. Our divorce was to be final on Feb. 24th. My husband has agreed to attend this seminar and told me last night we can work things out after 21 years of marriage. Praise God!

Married 21 years

We are a blended family. We have 3 adopted children. Finally we are empty nesters. FamilyLife has come along side us and assisted us greatly in having us get this far. We have 4 grandchildren and realize the need for Godly homes. This was a refreshing weekend away. We’ve been exhausted. Now we feel we can assist.

Married 12 years

We were both married to our previous spouses for 30+ years before their deaths so we have lots of experience to build our new marriage on, but this weekend was specifically about “us” and helped us renew our commitment in many areas to each other.

Married 10 months

It helped us see what God’s plan is for marriage and family. The focus was on God’s word and not a specific counselor’s training or opinion. Thank you! We came here for help to get through a very hard time.

Married 17 years

My employer paid for the entire event even $50 for cash for food. This brought us closer and helped us communicate issues we needed to express with each other. Needed quietness so T.V. was even down and we didn’t mind it.

Married 30 years

This is the third year we’ve attended. Thanks to the free tickets we won 2 of the years from 95.9 (The Light). This year we brought 3 other couples. Two years ago this conference saved me from a downward spiral as an individual wife and mother. Thank God! Now I love to see the growth we’ve had as a couple in a short year. I’m glad to find new areas that I need to work on to grow in our relationship.

Married 15 years

Pastor comment: The getaway refreshed our marriage and energized us to face the future together. Married 11 years

Military comment: Helped prepare us for Josh’s upcoming deployment (12/10/12 to 12/10/13). Helped put us on the same page and gave us tools to use while gone!

Married 1-1/2 years

I came thinking that our marriage was hanging by a thread – I leave knowing that Christ is that thread – the strongest strand in the cord of our marriage (Ecc. 4:12) and no matter how I “feel”, there is hope in Him who brought us together.

Praise the Lord!

Opened our eyes to what we need to do to have a successful marriage. My husband asked for forgiveness for abusing me. I pray that I can overcome these memories and

begin a new life with Greg.

I came uncertain if we would leave together. By the last day we decided to reconcile and give our marriage back to God trusting and believing He will rekindle our love

and make us stronger than ever.

It saved my marriage. My wife wanted a divorce so I asked her to come to this with me. And now we are staying married.

We are at a turning point in life. I resigned my position in the corporate world to become a full-time Christian educator. For the first time in years I now have the time to invest in things that, to my shame, I have sadly neglected. This conference provided the targets for me to focus on.

If I could write myself a note every day I would say through God my marriage is possible.

It created an everlasting passion to place God deeply in our lives to help guide us in the future when we are married. We have a new found love and respect for each

other and we cannot thank God and FamilyLife enough for this experience. We will be back!

He was romantic for the first time in 16 years of marriage.