Here is a Breakdown on how to get the

$100 Couples registration to a Weekend to Remember of your choice!

1. Setup/Login to, a Paypal Acct.

2. Click on the "Send Money" tab.

* Enter: in the "To" Box.

* Enter: $100 in the "Amount" Box.

* Click the "Personal" tab below, and leave as Gift. (to keep transaction Free)

* Click on "Continue"

3. Double check your payment source via a Credit Card or Checking Account, or Paypal Balance.

*Make sure you are paying any fees associated with the transaction or my price goes up.

(Fees will be there if you are processing on a Credit Card!)

4. Enter Your personal Info in the "Message" box.

* Please include Both your Names, Address, Email, Phone, Event/Dates

* Email me at if you forgot to enter in the Paypal Payment!

5. We take the Final Step in your registration, as we then call in your Information directly to

FamilyLife and transfer one of our Registrations over to you and your event!

* We then email you a Confirmation Number of your Registration!

6. You just show up at the Event, and Enjoy, and Watch as God Powerfully changes your Marriage

as you both hear his truth, and get a hold of the powerful tools we have Available to you!

Enjoy! Have Fun!

Glad we could be a small part in getting you both to the Event!

Brian & Beth Strubhar

Call us: 55-WEEKEND-5

Mission Statement:

Every Home, A Godly Home!

If you are still curious About us, and how we have such great deals! or you just want to see more of us, Go to and you can check us out.

You can also call FamilyLife @ 1-(800)-FL-TODAY and talk to Carol Moore, as she know us and what we are doing!