Considering Divorce?

I want to ask you a few questions, and see what you are thinking.

How well do you understand the pain in divorce?

1. How much will divorce cost you?

A. What will happen to the kids? (if you have any)

B. Are there any other options besides Divorce?

C. What is more expensive? Divorce, or continuing life as a couple?

D. How will a divorce affect your work? Kids? Family?

E. Why did you get married to your spouse?

- If they aren't the same as when you married them,

what did you do to make them that way?

- What in your life influenced them so negatively that now your Marriage or love is over.

2. Have you been the perfect spouse?

A. Did you always respond to them Gently and in Love?

B. Were you always kind and compassionate when your spouse needed you even for just

a simple hug?

C. Have you always been there for the kids?

D. Have you done your part to build into your relationship?

3. What would you say is your personal biggest deficiency?

A. What would your spouse say makes you hard to live with?

B. How would your spouse describe living with you?

4. Have you personally taken time with your spouse to build lasting values, and goals?

A. Have you taken any counseling?

B. Have you invested in a Weekend to Remember Getaway and gotten the tools to build

a Strong marriage that can last through life and weather all the storms?

Already Divorced?

Have you Considered ways to reconcile?

1. There are many different ways to Reconcile!

- I have seen many couples reconcile and forgive at the Weekend to Remember Getaways

- The Art of Marriage is another good alternative

- Counseling with a local marriage counselor is always a good option as well.

2. I believe the BEST option is to first reconcile your life with

God, and make sure you are living your life for His honor

and glory.

3. Once you are right with God, you will need to seek your spouse's Forgiveness, and begin the

reconciliation process, and that can often take years to rebuild the trust.

Forgiveness should be a goal for each one of us!

Doesn't always come easy, but is worth the price.