Q: Who are you?

A: We are a couple changed by the Weekend to Remember Getaways, who have a passion to send as many other couples who would like to attend. We feel that helping you all attend at a reasonable rate is just one small thing we can do.

Q: How do I know you are not a Scam?

A: Well, I know how you feel, and you are welcome to call 1-800-FL-TODAY and ask for Carol Moore, and she can also explain what we are doing.

Q: How do you get registrations for such a discount?

A: We have a group "couples" that helps couples attend for a little better price, and for every five couples who register through our group, FamilyLife gives us a complimentary Registration.

Q: Why the $100 price then?

A: We are advertising on Google to help couples attend more reasonably, and to cover the advertising, we have to sell the complimentary ones for $100. If we ever get more money than what we have spent in Advertising, we just add more to the adds.

Q: How long have you all been doing this?

A: We have been advertising with Google for about 15 yrs now.

Q: Can I have a group like you do?

A: Yes, You can go to FamilyLife.com and set up your own group, and get the group discount if you like, and after 5 couples register through your group name, you will also receive a complimentary couple's registration.

Q: Why do you have a "Buy it Now" for $120 in stead of the $100?

A: Because some people don't have a paypal, and don't want to bother setting one up, and through the "Buy it Now" they can purchase, and still get a deal and just put it on a card... but it costs me for the button, and processing.

Q: Why don't I gt a confirmation Number back immediately?

A: Because we have to have time to call it in, and get you registered. Sometimes if you send money on a holiday or weekend, we have to wait till FamilyLife opens, so we can call Cust. Serv. and get you registered.

Q: Are there better funding sources on PayPal than others, or better ways to send it?

A: Yes, Please don't try to do a transfer from your bank as it takes 3-5 days, and don't do an e-check as they take about a week to clear.

Q: Why does it say, BEST Construction, on Paypal?

A: Because I also take payments to my construction company. Therefore it has to say something, and my business actually does receipts.

With FamilyLife, you get emailed a receipt/confirmation.