Savings Tips!

How Save the most on your

Couple's Registration!

We have Discounted Registrations for Only $150/couple

In order to take advantage of this savings, you must email us to make certain we haven't sold out.

How to Save on your Getaway Hotel!

Here is how we have started saving on our hotels, and have really enjoyed the savings!

Go to and and find the area of your Getaway, and then search for the hotel(s) that you would like to stay in, and see the star rating, etc. and then go to name your own Price, and you should be able to get a room for about 1/2 price of the going rate! If it saves you $50, then it is worth driving a few blocks!

Priceline can often save you money on the flights too if you happen to be flying in for the Weekend.

How to Save on Your

Dining for Date Night!!!

Go to and signup, so you can buy a gift certificate for very cheap... search by city, and look for a restaurant in the area, and see what you can buy the gift certificate for... often we have gotten $25 certificates for only $2.